About Us

O'Clock Madrid® is a project created by various people with significant experience in the watchmaking area. Previously established in Costa del Sol, our project expands to Madrid with the intention of covering more effectively the whole Spanish territory.
Our commercial activity includes: purchasing, sale, valuation and personalized advice within the exclusive world of luxury watchmaking.

We are always present in the best international used watches exhibitions and multiple events related to the field of luxury watches.
Our new shop intends to be a meeting point for enthusiasts of high-class watches, providing a space to exchange experiences related to watch collecting.
We're on the internet with our site www.oclockmadrid.es as well as in the main social networks. Members of our staff are exclusively dedicated to offer you our best service.

The aim of our project is to provide a trustworthy environment for our customers to buy and sell any high-class watch, offering you the best possible prices in the market and the repurchase of your watch, as well as providing you with as much information about the sector as we can.

O'Clock Madrid® also provides Technical Service with state-of-the-art technology to polish, repair or restore your watches.

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